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  • Design photovoltaic system wherever you are. Design modules on the roof and create sales proposals using EasySolar app.
  • The app is available not only on smartphones. Enjoy the full functionality of EasySolar app also on your computer thanks to cloud technology.
  • You will be surprised by a number of functions in your smartphone. Make measurements, check solar radiation and potential shading, or even prepare the whole project.
  • Increase your solar sales even by 25% thanks to professional sales proposals. They are the key to success and now you can create them in 5 minutes!

Media about us

  • “Mobile and online technologies together with the boom in smart phones and tablets are strongly hitting the market and inspiring many companies to shift their activities.” PV Magazine
  • “If you’re solar-curious, and want to know more about the costs, benefits, and designs for integrating a solar PV system for your home or business. ” PlanetSave
  • “A new experience of photovoltaics design will be introduced by new EasySolar app.” CleanEnergy
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Simple is more powrfull

How does the Mobile App Work

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app overview

Work on the go being in touch with all your team

Professional sales means getting to know your customers’ needs and knowing how to manage them


Perform designing and dimensioning of pv panel arrays using your smartphone anywhere you are.


A professional offer that can be prepared quickly and adapted to customer needs is proportional to increase in sales.

Cloud technology

Work on the go being in touch with every member of your team thanks to cloud technology! Now all your projects are always with you.


Thanks to GPS you don't even need to insert the address to verify the irradiation in a certain place. Just use our app for that.

Shadowing simulation

This amazing function allows to verify the potential shadowing during the meeting with your customer.

Rooftop measurement

It’s incredible how easily you can measure the angle or azimuth on the roof where you plant to put the system.


EasySolar is the the first app to design photovoltaic systems and create amazing offers that completely change the way solar professionals work

EasySolar app means:

  • faster work
  • quicker interaction with customers
  • being even more professional
  • effective collaboration in your team
  • spending short time preparing offers
  • in-built measurement tools
  • creating and managing offers
  • access to advanced algorithms from smartphone level
  • access to the largest product base
  • presentation of different possibilities to your customers
  • financial analysis presentation in graphical form


With an emphasis on functionality focused on great design.

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