Design Everywhere
Design anywhere you are!

Design anywhere you are!

Start designing and dimensioning module arrays using your smartphone wherever you are. PV design has never been so accessible. more
Save up more!

Save up more!

Save time and money generating amazing offers for your customer directly from your smartphone or tablet.
EasySolar app allows you to save up even 8 hours per customer offer. The average cost that a seller may charge you is 50 Euro per hour. Therefore, preparing each offer means saving up 400 Euro. How many offers do you prepare a month?
Cloud technology

Cloud technology

Work on the go being in touch with every member of your team thanks to cloud technology! Now all your projects are always with you - available in your smartphone. more
More options available just from your phone thanks to cloud

More options available just from your phone thanks to cloud

Thanks to cloud technology you are using advanced algorithms to calculate energy output, irradiation level or shadow measurements just with your smartphone. more
For everyone in your team

For everyone in your team

The app is available for all platforms and that makes it accessible for everyone in your team. Don’t buy additional devices- now everyone can use the app on their favourite smartphone. more

PV Magazine:

Mobile and online technologies together with the boom in smart phones and tablets are strongly hitting the market and inspiring many companies to shift their activities.

North American Clean Energy:

A new experience of photovoltaics design will be introduced by new EasySolar app

Planet Save:

If you’re solar-curious, and want to know more about the costs, benefits, and designs for integrating a solar PV system for your home or business, or if you’re a solar PV professional looking for more tools to aid you in your work, a new app could allow you to do that, right from your smartphone or tablet.

Renewables International:

innovative solution for photovoltaics dedicated to designing and dimensioning process.

Solar Magazine:

EasySolar thinks that the application will lead to better way of communication between designers, installers and distributors

Solar Power Now:

"Looks like a potentially very useful app for installers"

Innovative design

Easy Solar app- fast, effective and available from each device

EasySolar app is currently the most advanced tool to design PV available from smartphone that contains advanced algorithms developed by engineers of the best European universities of technology along with the largest components base of Photon and the radiation database of NASA.

solar design software

Sell more thanks to Easy Cloud technology

Start prepating your offers within minutes.

Work remotely being in touch with your co-workers thanks to Easy Cloud Technology. Now thanks to EasySolar you can visualise the photovoltaic plant on the roof of your customer, prepare the professional offer being in a cafe and send it while coming back home. You can save up even 8 hours of your working time and your offers are more professional than ever.

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